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Perdue scores historic win in Georgia, CNN projects

Ehrlich projected to defeat Townsend in Maryland

Republican Sonny Perdue is projected by CNN to defeat incumbent Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes.
Republican Sonny Perdue is projected by CNN to defeat incumbent Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes.

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There are 27 Republican governors and 21 Democrats across the country.
Thirty-six governorships are up for election, including that of President Bush's brother Jeb in Florida.
Four of the past five presidents have served as governors.
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CNN projects Republican Jeb Bush will return as governor of Florida defeating Democrat Bill McBride. CNN's Bill Hemmer reports.
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Walter Mondale and former St. Paul mayor Norm Coleman in a race for a Senate seat in Minnesota.
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CNN's Candy Crowley reports on what goes into 'calling' an election before the polls are closed (November 4)
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(CNN) -- Former Georgia state Sen. Sonny Perdue will defeat Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes, CNN has projected, to become the state's first Republican governor since Reconstruction and only the second in Georgia history.

Barnes outspent Perdue by a wide margin and was expected to win re-election. He was one of only three Democratic governors running for re-election in states carried by President Bush in 2000. (Hot race in Georgia)

In Maryland, Republican Bob Ehrlich upset Democratic Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, CNN has projected. Ehrlich becomes the first member of his party to be elected governor in that state since 1966.

Townsend, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, had more money going into the campaign. However, she upset many African-American voters by picking retired Navy Adm. Charles Larson, a former Republican, as her running mate.

Ehrlich also got a boost from an endorsement by the Maryland State Troopers Association. (Hot race in Maryland)

In other races:

•Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee will defeat Democrat Jimmie Lou Fisher, CNN has projected.

•In Tennessee, former Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen, a Democrat, will defeat Republican congressman Van Hilleary, CNN has projected.

•CNN has projected that Republican businessman Don Carcieri has defeated Democrat Myrth York in Rhode Island's governor's race. (Hot race in Rhode Island)

•South Carolina Republican Mark Sanford defeated Democratic Gov. Jim Hodges, CNN has projected. Sanford served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1994 until he stepped down in 2000.

•In Massachusetts, Republican Mitt Romney, the former head of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee, will defeat Democrat Shannon O'Brien, CNN has projected. (Hot race in Massachusetts)

•Iowa Democrat Gov. Tom Vilsack will win re-election over Republican Doug Gross, CNN has projected. (Hot race in Iowa)

•CNN projects that Kansas Democrat Kathleen Sebelius will defeat Republican state Treasurer Tim Shallenburger. (Hot race in Kansas)

•Michigan Democrat Jennifer Granholm will defeat Republican Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus, CNN projects, to become the state's first-ever female governor.

•CNN projects that New York Gov. George Pataki will win re-election over Democrat state Comptroller Carl McCall. Pataki had a double-digit lead over McCall in polls leading up to the vote Tuesday. (Hot race in New York)

•CNN also projects Ohio Republican Gov. Bob Taft defeating Democrat Tim Hagan. (Hot race in Ohio)

•CNN projections indicate that the Republican Party has scored a victory in President Bush's home state, with Gov. Rick Perry of Texas holding off an aggressive and well-financed challenge by Democrat Tony Sanchez. (Hot race in Texas)

•CNN projects New Mexico Democrat Bill Richardson will defeat Republican state Rep. John Sanchez in that state's governor's race. (Hot race in New Mexico)

•CNN projects that Pennsylvania Democrat Ed Rendell will defeat Republican Mike Fisher, the state's attorney general. The seat became vacant when two-term Republican Gov. Tom Ridge resigned to become President Bush's homeland security director. Acting Gov. Mark Schweiker decided not to run for a full term. (Hot race in Pennsylvania)

•In Illinois, CNN projects that Democrat Rod Blagojevich will defeat Jim Ryan, the Republican state attorney general, in that state's gubernatorial race. The winner there is to replace Republican Gov. George Ryan, who chose not to run for re-election. (Hot race in Illinois)

•CNN projects that Republican businessman Craig Benson has won the New Hampshire governor's race, defeating Democrat Mark Fernald. The winner there is to succeed Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, who retired to run for the Senate. (Hot race in New Hampshire)

Battle for Florida

In Florida, Gov. Jeb Bush held off a strong Democratic challenge Tuesday to become the first Republican governor in the state's history to win re-election, defeating Tampa attorney Bill McBride. (Hot race in Florida)

Bush, told supporters that McBride had called him and "graciously conceded" the race.

"I told him he ran a hard race and I look forward to working with him to build a better Florida," Bush said in his victory speech.

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