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Does sex sell?

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(CNN) -- Rachel Mills, Libertarian candidate for the North Carolina State House, has come up with an unusual fund-raising idea. She has put together a revealing calendar featuring herself and 11 other lovely Libertarian ladies. Is it wrong, or a clever way to raise campaign cash?

Mills steps into the "Crossfire" with hosts James Carville and Tucker Carlson to tell her side of the story.

CARVILLE: Rachel, just a little political housekeeping here. As a Libertarian, you would not have any pornography laws that don't relate to child pornography, would you?

MILLS: Child pornography?

CARVILLE: You would outlaw child pornography, but would have no other pornography laws, right?

MILLS: Oh, right. As long as you're not hurting anybody or taking their stuff, you know, why is it the government's business?

CARVILLE: What about marijuana?

MILLS: Marijuana, I think honest science proves that it's harmless just like alcohol, in the same way.

CARVILLE: ... Tell us, you got 11 other Libertarian women to pose, I want to say it was in a bathing suit; not even a two-piece bathing suit, a one- piece bathing suit, right?

MILLS: Not exactly bathing suits. Actually, we posed in bra and panties. In some of the pictures, the costuming was added afterwards.

CARLSON: Well, Rachel Mills, here's my problem with it. I mean, I'm all for bra and panty calendars, but as a longtime on-and-off Libertarian candidate -- not candidate voter, [I] often vote for Libertarian candidates, people always say, 'Well, gee whiz, the Libertarian Party, frankly, [is] a bunch of cranks with weird personal lives. Kind of a fringe party.'

I'm not sure a semi-nude calendar helps me make the point that, no, it's a serious party.

MILLS: Well no, it wouldn't for you, Tucker, because we are personally liberal and economically conservative. So you'll find, Tucker, that you'll agree with us on financial issues. And James, you will agree with us on personal issues. Am I right?

CARVILLE: Well, I certainly agree with the calendar. I'll tell you that right now. We're all for that calendar.

CARLSON: Rachel, I went to your Web site hoping for nudity, and instead found this. Let me read it to you: "Introducing the North Carolina ladies of liberty. Their turn-ons are long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners and free-market economies."

And I'm wondering, which free-market economy turns you on most? Does Hong Kong just send you over the top? Tell us about that.

MILLS: You know, right now I like Russia, actually, because they just passed a 13 percent flat tax, and their economy is soaring. You know, it's...

CARLSON: That does it for you?

MILLS: That does it for me.

Their economy has grown at like a rate [of] 5 percent while we're struggling in this quagmire. It's sad that we're not leaders anymore, but we can at least follow a good example.

CARVILLE: Rachel, I'll tell you what I admire about you: Tucker and Bob Novak sit here and defend millions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies, cigarette companies and God knows what else, and Enrons, contribute to the Republican Party. Yet they find it offensive that you're picking up 20 bucks by posing for a calendar. I think you are for more good government than the entire Republican Congress they have up there, and I congratulate you on a fun, harmless way to raise money for your campaign.

MILLS: Thank you very much James. This is truly grass roots. I don't think anyone can criticize me for raising 20 bucks at a time.

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