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Bush 'furious' over Jerusalem blast

Bush, King Abdullah of Jordan meet on Mideast conflict

" I still think peace is possible," President Bush said Thursday.  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Thursday he is "furious" over the deaths of five Americans killed in a terrorist bombing at Hebrew University in Jerusalem but added he still believes peace is possible in the Middle East.

Appearing with Jordan's King Abdullah, Bush said, "I am just as angry as Israel is. I am furious that innocent lives were lost.

"But even though I am mad, I still think peace is possible,"

Bush said the United States is "responding to the murder of Americans. ... We are responding by working with our Arab friends and Israel to track these people down."

Bush said he and Abdullah would discuss both Iraq and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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On the issue of Iraq, Bush said "regime change" continues to be the policy of his administration.

"Saddam Hussein is a man who poisons his own people, who threatens his neighbors, who develops weapons of mass destruction," said Bush. "And I will assure his majesty, like I have in the past, we are looking at all options, the use of all tools. I am a patient man, but I haven't changed my opinion since the last time he was in the oval office."

While not mentioning Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat by name, Bush said he continued to believe that Palestinian leaders can be found who can find the way to peace.

"People keep telling me we have to work with the one person who made this happen for the Palestinians. I don't believe that," said Bush, who has called for a change in the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

Bush said the first step in the Middle East would be the establishment of a "security force that serves the people" and will fight terror, "not serve the whims of one person."

He said the Palestinians must develop a constitution "so institutions are bigger than any one person."

And he added that it is important for the Palestinian Authority to "account for money in a transparent way" so that donors can be sure money intended to help the Palestinian people reaches them.




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