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In the Crossfire

Media leaning left?

George Stephanopoulos has been named to take the head seat on ABC's "This Week." "Crossfire" hosts Robert Novak and Paul Begala debate whether the former Clinton aide will be an objective questioner or if this is an example of the media leaning left.

NOVAK: Paul, Pat Buchanan is one of the most skilled television people I know. He can handle any job. Can you imagine ABC putting him as the anchor of "This Week" on Sunday as they have a left-wing ideologue such as George Stephanopoulos?

BEGALA: Let me answer with another question: James Carville is a skilled campaign manager. He ran Bill Clinton's campaign. Can you imagine him running an entire network the way Roger Ailes, Bush's campaign manager, does at Fox? He runs the entire network. It's not just like one guy in one show. The entire network over there is built around a right-wing crackpot political aide, Roger Ailes.


NOVAK: I want to tell you something. I've been in journalism all my life. I've been a Washington journalist for 45 years. I have not only never worked for the government, never worked in politics, I've never even had a job offer in government or politics. And I take that as a badge of honor.

BEGALA: Well, that's our country's loss. You would have done fine.

I think George brings a good perspective to it. Judge him on his work.

I think he was too anti-Clinton during impeachment because he was bending over backwards to be fair.

NOVAK: Maybe he wanted that $1 million job with ABC.

BEGALA: No, I think he's trying so hard to be fair, and that's to his credit.




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