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Laura Bush: 'No time for politics' in terror war

First Lady Laura Bush: "I don't think it's a time for politics."  

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (CNN) -- First lady Laura Bush says Americans need to forgo partisan politics and work together in the war against terror and believes her husband "will do every single thing he can in his power to protect the American people."

Mrs. Bush -- speaking to CNN in an interview Tuesday from Prague -- was asked about the grass-roots outrage over the pre-September 11 intellligence warnings involving threats of airplane hijackings and terror.

"It's very important right now because of all these ongoing threats, because of the war on terror, that Americans work together, that both parties work together," said Mrs. Bush, who is on a trip to Europe.

She said she feels "slightly fearful like everyone" but is confident in law enforcement efforts.

"I don't think it's a time for politics. I do think it's a time for us to do every single thing we can for the CIA, the FBI, the White House, the Congress, to work together to make sure that our country is safe and secure."

She urges the American people to be "remain vigilant and to pay attention" and go about their lives "in a normal way."

Citizens shouldn't "be embarassed to report something they think" appears unusual.

"I hope there will be a time that we won't have any warnings, and that we'll have the same feelings that we had before September 11, those feelings of security that all of us had in the United States.

"That's what we're working toward, that's what we want, and we want that sense of security and that actual security in our country and we want it around the world. That's part of what the war on terror is. So I hope we'll get back to that time when we'll be blasť."

She said President Bush doing all he could before as well as after September 11.

"The threats that were related in August were very non specific. There was nothing specific about them, and I know that he now meets every single morning with the FBI and the CIA so that all of the information, all of the threats that come into both agencies, and any other agencies worldwide, that we're privy to in the United States, so that everyone can hear that information and act on it accordingly."

She also will make an address on Radio Free Europe, based in Prague, on the situation in Afghanistan.

On Afghanistan, Mrs. Bush said, "I urge everyone, men and women, to pay attention to the new government that's being formed. I hope that women will be part of it. I think a society can truly succeed when every member has the opportunity to participate, and I say that in the radio broadcast."

Afghanistan is convening a loya jirga next month to choose a transitional government until nationwide elections can be held. A loya jirga is a grand national council.

She said Americans want to work hard to aid Afghanistan.

"I know how very helpful the American people want to be if they can help," she said. "It's very important work with the non-governmental organizations as well as the government help that we're sending now."




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