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'Motor City Wild Man' talks guns, blasts hippies

(CNN) -- Ted Nugent has made waves with his music and views on gun control. Now, he is pushing his new cookbook "Kill It and Grill It". Why does he indict the hippie culture for the September 11 terror attacks? Why is he opposed to gun control? Hosts Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson step into the "Crossfire" with Nugent.

CARLSON: Welcome back to "Crossfire". Ted Nugent burst into American consciousness in the 1970s with a blazing guitar and a wild act that earned him the name "Motor City Wild Man." Hits like "Cat Scratch Fever," "Wango Tango," and "Storm Trooping" may not be music to your ears, but Ted Nugent strikes a chord with countless Americans. That's because, like many sensible people, he's an avid sportsman, hunter, and outspoken opponent of silly gun control laws.

And if you want to put your money where his mouth is, consider his new book, "Kill It and Grill It," a fantastic book. It features recipes for delicacies such as venison roast, sweet and sour antelope, and wild sheep shanks. Please welcome Ted Nugent to the "Crossfire" stage.

BEGALA: Take a seat. We've got a little meat here for you. Mr. Nugent?

NUGENT: Yes, sir?

BEGALA: First, congratulations on the book.

NUGENT: Is that cute or what?

BEGALA: It is outstanding. It really is. But -- I got a bone to pick with you.

NUGENT: I got a bone to clean with you.

BEGALA: All right, here we go. You start. The only thing I don't like about this book...


BEGALA: Massive suck-up to some guy named Sean Hannity. Now let me show you a couple pics up on the big screen.

NUGENT: Well, you know, he's a cute guy. He needs some grits.

BEGALA: Cute guy. He had never shot off anything bigger than his mouth. Let me show you some pictures here of a real hunter. That's me and my brother Dave and a deer we shot down in Tony Sanchez's ranch, my buddy down in Texas. There we go.

NUGENT: You're a real American, damn it.

BEGALA: And we also -- I'm a big bird...

NUGENT: How about you, Tucker?

BEGALA: Bird hunters?

CARLSON: I was shooting this weekend, Ted.

NUGENT: Good work, I love a man who kills his own dinner.

BEGALA: And you know what? I don't -- this is South Dakota pheasant hunting, as you well know.

NUGENT: But I'm on a crusade, I'm going to take Sean, and I'm going to take Tucker, and I'm going to take everybody in America. And I'm going to teach them how to get the ultimate pure sustenance and be a steward of these precious resources. Stick with me.

BEGALA: I'm totally for it. I've got some venison sausage from deer that I have killed myself for you, straight out of the cookbook. But here's my quarrel.

NUGENT: Yes, what do you got going?

BEGALA: I didn't need an AK-47 to bring down that big buck.

NUGENT: Yes, well, good for you.

BEGALA: And I didn't need an Uzi to shoot those pheasants. We have sensible gun laws in this country. And they harm law-abiding citizens like you and me, do they?

NUGENT: What the hell does that have to do with anything?

BEGALA: We need a Brady bill, right? I mean, there's some people out there who think if you're for gun control, you're anti-hunting, you're anti-guns.

NUGENT: You know, Paul, with all due respect, this is good venison, by the way. Good work.

BEGALA: Isn't that good?

NUGENT: I'll have you handle my carcass when I go.

BEGALA: I would be thrilled to.

NUGENT: What kind of idiot, with all due respect, would attempt to equate firearms utilized for sporting purposes and firearms used for other purposes? Our founding fathers had no question whatsoever that we had the right to get food. So they didn't even include that in the documents.

Certainly they were concerned about self-defense. And I know a bunch of guys in South Central Los Angeles that if it were not for semi-automatic weapons, which are exactly like these semi-automatic Uzis and AK's that you're talking about, their establishments would have been burned down. And they could have been killed.

But they needed weapons more than just a three-shot deer rifle to protect their neighborhoods. So I'm in support of the common sense that sometimes firepower is needed for certain specific duties. And deer hunting and defense of property and self have no relationship whatsoever. Your turn.

CARLSON: That's a tough -- I have to say I'm not sure I can ask a question. I would agree with all of that. And I would say I'm a better shot than Paul.

BEGALA: So you think, no, you think teen-agers should have access to these AK-47s, so they can slaughter each other on the street?

NUGENT: Well first of all, there are no AK-47s available.

BEGALA: Because we passed a law.

NUGENT: Fully automatic weapons have been banned since 1934.

BEGALA: That's gun control. And I'm for it, so are you, right?

NUGENT: And there are over 2.5 million lawfully owned fully automatic machine guns in private citizens' hands in this country. Good venison.

BEGALA: Oh, God, now you're going to be choking on it. It is pretty spicy. We make it in south Texas.

CARLSON: Yes, while you choke to death, let me ask you a question. That's exactly right. I'll lay off the demagoguery, unlike Paul. But let me just...

NUGENT: You got to cut it smaller. I got to get you a knife, here.

CARLSON: Now I want to read you a quote from the NRA Convention last month. This was...

NUGENT: Which I was proud to be a part of. I'm on the Board of Directors.

CARLSON: Amen and good for you. It's a marvelous organization. But here's your quote. This was quoted in "The San Francisco Chronicle." This is your take on September 11.

September 11 "was the culmination of a hippie mindset, that you shouldn't resist when confronted by evil. 'Give peace a chance' is a laugh. The only way to peace is to eliminate those who would challenge peace." Now I agree with the second part, mostly, but the first part, September 11 was a culmination of a hippie mindset, that you shouldn't resist evil. The U.S. has resisted evil pretty vigorously, wouldn't you say?

NUGENT: No. We've had a policy in this country. In fact, under the Clinton administration, it's been documented that we knew where Osama was on numerous occasions. And we knew the documented threats to destroy America, to destroy Americans' lives. And we did nothing. And you're talking about Jimmy Carter, who embarrassed America by allowing a bunch of hippie college kids to take American citizens hostage for over two years. And he did nothing.

I'm just a guitar player, and I could have fixed that. These are the kinds of "give peace a chance" nonsense that I believe has sent a message around the globe that, yes, you can mess with America because we'll tolerate your evil. We'll tolerate your crime. And I think it's time to stand up and say we won't be tolerant to evil or dangerous conditions. And those that perpetrate them should be neutralized and eliminated.

CARLSON: But at the same time, don't you think that the very same politicians you're talking about who tolerate this sort of thing, are the same ones who have total loathing and contempt for you and people like you, people who bring knives on to sets and eat venison sausage. People who own guns. People like -- no, no, but culturally, you have nothing in common. And they have contempt for you. Why is that?

NUGENT: Because I turned down their dope. And I turned down their stupid trends. And the hippies always hated me, because they were preaching peace and love and I was loading a .44 magnum. All the people criticized me for being a gun lover, they're all dead. They puked and died. That's not a party where I come from.




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