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Quayle on TV gigs: 'Everybody has their price'

A former veep weighs in on the 'Clinton show' story

(CNN) -- Former President Bill Clinton met with NBC executives recently to discuss the possibility of becoming the host of his own daytime TV talk show, for a reported fee of $50 million a year. (Read more about the Clinton show discussions.)

When a former vice president, Dan Quayle, commented on Thursday about Clinton's possible career, Crossfire hosts Paula Begala and Tucker Carlson fired back.

PAUL BEGALA: This is one of those moments you can be glad you're watching. It's time for the one and only "Crossfire" quote of the day, and it's a doozy. It comes from a man who has produced memorable quotes over the years -- one of my heroes -- Dan Quayle.

At the National Press Club here today in Washington, the former vice president gave his opinion on the widely reported and of course completely discredited and false story that my old pal Bill Clinton might host a TV talk show. And get this, though. Quayle thought it would be a good career move.


DAN QUAYLE: They're talking about $50 million. I mean, if he can get $50 million, let's see, what would I be worth? Marilyn would like to know.

But, no -- I'd be very surprised if he'd take a full-time commitment. Now he may work some part-time thing, but full-time? Even though it's a lot of money, it's a lot of work on just one subject.

VOICE FROM AUDIENCE: You could do a version of "Crossfire."

QUAYLE: Everybody has their price!


BEGALA: He would look -- I don't know, bow tie maybe? Or he could borrow (Robert) Novak's vest once in a while.

TUCKER CARLSON: See, we mock what we fear, Paul. You're afraid he'd trip you up in a malapropism, then move in for the kill and you'd be toast. He's a pretty good debater, actually, beat Gore in '92.




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