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Bush calls on Arab nations in fighting terror

Bush calls on Arab nations in fighting terror

WASHINGTON ( CNN) -- The United States faces dangers and sacrifices in its fight against global terrorism, and it must press ahead with its vision for peace in the Middle East, President Bush said Saturday.

Secretary of State Colin Powell, who returned from the Middle East this week, made progress toward bringing embattled Israelis and Palestinians together, Bush said in his weekly radio address. Powell's meetings were "productive and intensive," he said.

However, before the two groups can live side by side in security and peace, "the Palestinian Authority must act on its words of condemnation against terror. Israel must continue its withdrawals," the Republican president said.

"All Arab nations must confront terror in their own region. All parties must stop funding or inciting terror, and must state clearly that a murderer is not a martyr; he or she is just a murderer."

Speaking of the broader war against terrorism, Bush said the United States and other industrialized allies blocked the financial assets Friday of another 10 terrorists and terrorist organizations.

"This joint action among close allies is an important step in choking off the financial pipeline that pays for terrorist training and attacks," Bush said.

He said 161 nations have now blocked more than $100 million in suspected terrorist assets, and allies continue to break up terrorist cells and disrupt their plans.

More than 1,600 terrorists and their supporters have been arrested or detained in 95 foreign nations, including Abu Zubaydah, the al Qaeda leader captured in Pakistan, Bush said.

In addition, the United States is working with nations such as Yemen, the Philippines and Georgia to train and equip their military forces to fight terrorism.




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