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Burning issue: Bloomberg pot ad

(CNN) -- "Crossfire" hosts Robert Novak and James Carville got hot under the collar Tuesday discussing politicians and pot.

Carville mentioned an advocacy group's newspaper ad that quoted Republican Michael Bloomberg admitting to using marijuana before his election as New York mayor.

Novak couldn't resist hinting at Carville's connection with former President Clinton, who confessed to a little experimentation of his own during his 1992 campaign.

CARVILLE: Time to reveal who said our Quote of the Day.

We first knew him as a media mogul; now he's mayor of a major metropolis. But Michael Bloomberg never intended to be a poster boy for legalizing marijuana. NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, took out a full-page ad in The New York Times [on Tuesday]. It quotes Bloomberg from last April before he was elected New York mayor.

Asked if he ever smoked marijuana, he replied, "You bet I did. And I enjoyed it." And that's our Quote of the Day.

NOVAK: Who was the guy, James, who said that he had smoked it, but he couldn't inhale it, and he didn't enjoy it?

CARVILLE: You know what? I'll give Bloomberg credit. My favorite thing of these politicians is that they experimented with marijuana. What does that mean? They went around in a lab coat and kind of -- whoo, yes, kind of tested their kind of reaction time?

NOVAK: You see, when you are a multimillionaire, you can say anything you want, isn't that? Well, you would know -- you're a multimillionaire.

CARVILLE: Not as much as you are, Bob.




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