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Gore returns to politics with PAC for 2002 races

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (CNN) -- Emerging from a self-imposed political exile, former Vice President Al Gore announced Thursday the creation of a political action committee designed to help elect Democratic candidates nationwide in 2002.

"I am excited to continue to work with my colleagues on the issues that are so important to Americans," Gore said in a statement. "In this critical election year, I look forward to standing with Democratic candidates all across the country."

The PAC, called Leadership '02, will raise money for congressional, gubernatorial and other party candidates and help provide training for such candidates, Gore's statement said.

Creation of the PAC signals Gore's re-entry into the political arena following his close loss to President Bush in 2000.

That hotly disputed race was settled when the U.S. Supreme Court closed the door to further recounts that Gore had sought in Florida, effectively giving that state's 25 electoral votes and the presidency to Bush. Gore, however, led in the nationwide popular vote.

Numerous Democratic strategists who worked with Gore on previous campaigns will work for the PAC.




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