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Bush wants most military spending in 20 years

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush pledged Saturday to boost military spending to its highest levels in two decades.

"Our military must have every resource, every weapon needed to achieve full and final victory," Bush said in his weekly radio address.

He said his budget will invest more money in precision weapons, missile defenses, unmanned vehicles and high-tech equipment. Bush also plans to push for another pay increase for military personnel.

Bush also said he would ask Congress to nearly double the funding for homeland defense to $38 billion for what he called a "sustained strategy to protect our people from the threat of terrorism."

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That money would be used to hire tens of thousands of federal airport security workers and 300 more FBI agents, and to strengthen the country's border patrol, Bush said.

Some of the funding would allow state and local governments to provide the necessary equipment for firefighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians.

Bush also said that his budget would address unemployment. "Government doesn't create jobs, but it can encourage an environment in which jobs are created," he said.

Bush will present his ideas for the next year in Tuesday's State of the Union address.


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