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February 9, 2001
Web posted at: 5:04 PM EST (2204 GMT) has created monthly specials since October. Each includes news articles, accompanying lesson plans, glossaries, background materials, interactive quizzes, Web links, videos and more. The specials have also included live webcasts, which are later added as on-demand audio and video streams.

We chose the topics to correspond with timely events in the news and on your curriculum calendars. They involve science, technology and social studies themes, but they also include elements of communications, arts and math.

For ease of use, we have indexed the Web specials to date:

Coming in May


It's May - the time when CNN gears up for its annual World Report, a gathering of international journalists and famous world leaders. Our web special, focused around this exciting conference, will give you and your students the opportunity to explore international points of view, journalistic integrity, and hot spots around the world.

Previous web specials:


Dolphins: Dive into real-life science as your students enter the world of a dolphin pod. Visit the Dolphin Quest Lagoon in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

Space: What has the space program done for humanity? What are the hopes for the International Space Station? Will regular citizens ever become space travelers?

Storm! Extreme Weather highlighted causes and effects of severe storm patterns, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and more. Who tracks these storms? How do they affect everyday life? How can people prepare for them?

Virus Encounters places your students in the virtual lab coats of top Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientists as they explore the high-stakes world of virus investigation. In realistic simulations, your students become doctors, patients, researchers and lab technicians engaged in the process of investigating everything from the common cold to life-or-death viral outbreaks.

Your Brain is a comprehensive "brain-based" learning adventure that explores the mysteries of the adolescent brain. Areas of discussion focus on teens and sleep, the adolescent brain, memory and brain structure and function.

Who Will Lead? followed the 2000 presidential campaign, election and historic aftermath. News articles and activities focus on the voter, election issues, debates, media, polls and the electoral process.

Leading the Nation focuses on the interim period when a candidate becomes president-elect through the inauguration. Features examine the role of the presidency, transition of power, presidents and their families, and the qualities of a leader in the media age.

Chasing the Dream: Exploring Black History celebrates Black History Month. We examine the civil rights movement of the 20th century and also take note of current innovators, inventors and leaders. Our live webcast February 22 will also examine education and the past and present roles of historically black colleges and universities.

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