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Reactions to terror attacks in Jerusalem

(CNN) -- Three terrorist bombings in a crowded pedestrian mall in Jerusalem on Saturday night left at least 10 people dead and wounded more than 180 others, police said.

The attacks -- in which two bombers blew themselves up and a third explosion went off in a car -- was quickly condemned by Israeli, U.S. and Palestinian officials.

World leaders and government officials gave the following statements:

"We are continuing to be committed to peace, but at the same time, there is no doubt that we have the full right -- and believe me we will -- to exercise our right for self-defense and prevent these kinds of terrorist activities. As the prime minister will return back to Israel, there will be consultations with the security cabinet and I can assure you there will be a response. And this time, a response that will commensurate with the severity of this hideous crime and the fact that the Palestinian Authority and Mister Arafat is doing nothing about it.

"The time of declaration has ended, now is the time for deeds. If they don't do, we will."

-- Raanan Gisin Spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

"We have no hesitation in condemning the violence and those acts of violence, and we condemn the killing of civilians, as we say always, Palestinian civilians as well as Israeli civilians. But having said that, we also have to condemn the conditions that lead people to desperation. What are those conditions? It is Israel's occupation that have lasted for 45 years that lead people to do desperate and despicable things sometimes.

"Therefore, while we condemn those acts, we must all of us call on Israel to end its brutal occupation of the Palestinian people."

-- Hassan Abdel Rahman Palestinian Representative to the United States

"I was horrified and saddened to learn of the bombings that took place tonight in Jerusalem. I strongly condemn them as acts of murder than no person of conscience can tolerate and no cause can ever justify.

"On behalf of the American people, I extend my deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims, to my friend, Prime Minister Sharon and to all the people of Israel.

"Chairman Arafat and the Palestinian Authority must immediately find and arrest those responsible for these hideous murders. They must also act swiftly and decisively against the organizations that support them. Now more than ever, Chairman Arafat and the Palestinian Authority must demonstrate through their actions and not merely their words their commitment to fight terror."

-- Statement from U.S. President Bush

"These despicable actions can only be prevented if the Palestinians act in a comprehensive and sustained manner to root out terrorists and bring them to justice.

"I will continue to work with the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority to try to put an end such incidents. Only a comprehensive and sustained effort by the Palestinians authority against the individuals responsible for these acts and the infrastructure of the groups that support them as well as effective cooperation between Palestinians and Israeli security organizations."

-- Gen. Anthony Zinni U.S. Envoy to Middle East

"The only way to stop the violence and counterviolence is coming back to the negotiating table, is to draw a roadmap for both sides with monitoring, for the Americans being the monitors, being the judges to say 'that is what is going to happen today, that is what is going to happen next week' and let's move together in order to sustain the cease-fire."

-Saeb Erakat Chief Palestinian negotiator

"We cannot wait for Yasser Arafat to act. We want him to act. He will act only if there is very heavy pressure on him. If the Europeans and of course, the Americans, tell him unequivocally, you are losing everything, we will not talk to you, you will become a pariah in the world, nobody will talk to you, if you don't stop the killing. If he hears this again and again, he may act."

-- Dan Meridor Israeli Cabinet

"I have spoken to Chairman Arafat and have made absolutely clear that these despicable and cowardly actions must be brought to an end through immediate, comprehensive and sustained action by the Palestinian Authority against both the individuals responsible and the infrastructure of the groups that support them. There can be no excuse or failure to take immediate and thorough action against the perpetrators of these vile acts."

-- Colin Powell U.S. Secretary of State


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