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Peres: U.S.-led coalition has 'moral supremacy'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said Sunday the U.S.-led coalition against terrorism would win because Osama bin Laden "offers nothing but killing and hate and murder."

Peres spoke from Tel Aviv to CNN's "Larry King Live" a few hours after the strikes against Afghanistan began.

He said the coalition against bin Laden had not only "technological supremacy" but also "moral supremacy."

"Bin Laden does not offer any solution and any hope to any person in the world who is not a Muslim," said Sharon. "And to the Muslims who are not fanatic, they don't have a chance. And the fanatics who don't kill are not included in his agenda."

Bin Laden offered his view of the conflict on a videotape broadcast Sunday by Qatar-based al Jazeera television station: "America will never dream or know or taste security or safety unless we know safety and security in our land and in Palestine."

Peres said Israelis were praying for U.S. troops and leaders, including President Bush.

He also said Israel would do nothing to endanger Operation Enduring Freedom and would go "the farthest possible way to make the world safe."

Peres said he had confronted terrorists himself.

"They are not as courageous or brave as you think. They are cowards and if they will see strength, they will retreat," said Peres. "The minute you appear determined and strong, you will win."


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