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Tenet in push for Mideast peace

Tenet gave both sides until noon Tuesday to accept his blueprint  

By CNN's Rula Amin and Michal Zippori

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- CIA chief George Tenet is to continue efforts to broker a cease-fire between the Palestinians and the Israelis, officials in Israel have told CNN.

Tenet, a mediator representing the U.S. administration of George W. Bush, has asked both sides to respond to a blueprint he has offered on how to implement a cease-fire.

A U.S. source had said earlier Tenet gave both sides an ultimatum to follow the plan or he would end his mediation effort and return to Washington.

A Palestinian official who was involved in the talks said the Palestinians had already given Tenet their position -- that they will say yes to any blueprint that is consistent with the Mitchell report on violence in the Middle East.

But, he added, the blueprint they have seen is not consistent with the Mitchell report.

For example, he said, it contains a series of measures to be taken by both sides over a period of several weeks. The Palestinians want the recommendations to be instituted over a shorter time.

Specifically, the Palestinians have said they want to make sure that a freeze on settlement activity in Palestinian territories is implemented during the early stages of any cease-fire.

They also want to see an end to Israel's closure of Palestinian territories.

The Palestinians will contact Tenet Tuesday morning, though no meetings have been scheduled, the Palestinian source said.

The Israelis, Palestinians and Americans attended a security meeting on Monday night in Jerusalem, the second such trilateral meeting since Tenet arrived in the region last Thursday.

"We went to the security meeting to hear what Israel has to offer and what measures it is willing to take in order to implement the cease-fire," the Palestinian source said.

"And they were not even willing to end the closure of Palestinian territories, which means that even our security forces cannot go from one place to another to arrest or to enforce the cease-fire."

He added that no political compromises have been offered to the Palestinians, only security measures.

There was no immediate comment available from the Israelis.

On Monday Tenet urged the sides to reach an agreement by noon local time Tuesday or he will return to Washington and end his mediation effort.

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