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Bomber identified as 22-year-old Palestinian

Sources identify Mohammed Saeed al-Hotary as the suicide bomber responsible for Friday's attack in Tel Aviv  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Palestinian and Israeli sources said Sunday that a 22-year-old man from the West Bank was responsible for the suicide bombing attack of a Tel Aviv nightclub Friday.

The sources identified the man they say was the bomber as Mohammed Saeed al-Hotary.

Israeli sources said al-Hotary was a member of the Islamic Jihad, although Palestinian sources have not verified that.

Israeli television reported the Islamic Jihad was responsible for the attack on the disco -- which left 21 dead, including the bomber -- but there has been no official claim of responsibility.

Sources said al-Hotary was born in the West Bank Palestinian village of Qalqilya and lived there until his family moved to Jordan. Two years ago, he reportedly received an Israeli visa to return and work in Israel and moved back to Qalqilya.

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