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Israel attacks Gaza police station

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israel unleashed a helicopter attack Wednesday on the Palestinian police station at Jabalya in Gaza.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said that seven people were "lightly injured" in the attack.

The Israel Defense Forces said that its forces had attacked a post of the Palestinian Preventative Security Services because a number of shootings and attacks on Israelis had been launched from that post.

An IDF spokesman said the IDF would continue to battle what he called "Palestinian terror" in an attempt to protect Israeli citizens and soldiers.


CNN's Jerrold Kessel: Israeli army is on the offensive

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Jabalya is a Palestinian refugee camp.

Earlier, the Palestine Red Crescent Society said a 15-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers overnight Wednesday in Gaza.

In addition, Palestinian security officials said Israeli troops had entered Palestinian-controlled territory in Gaza with tanks twice overnight into Wednesday.

The Israeli government says Sunday's killing of five Palestinian policemen was a case of mistaken identity and expressed regret for their deaths.

In another development, Arafat will meet with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in Europe soon, the Palestinian representative to the United States has told Palestinian Radio.



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