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Human cloning: Would you volunteer?


Italian fertility doctor Severino Antinori has announced plans to produce the world's first human clone, saying 200 childless couples have volunteered to take part in the programme.

But as Antinori prepares to go where no doctor has gone before, the explosive debate over human cloning continues to rage -- described variously as a major advance in tackling disease and fertility to ethically unsound and recklessly irresponsible.

Would you volunteer to clone yourself? Or is this "science gone crazy"?

We have had thousands of responses from all around the world. Thanks for your comments.

These are just some of your e-mails

Yes! Myself and my wife, we are ready to volunteer to have our child by cloning. Let the science and research take it next leap in the progress. -- Pradipkumar, Bahrain.

My daughter is perfect. If I could clone her, I would... Children are going to have a mind of their very own, regardless of their DNA. -- Barbara Moore, USA.

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The technology has been there for at least a decade, who's to say that this is the first ever human cloning? Scientists somewhere have probably created a human clone already. Paranoid. -- Lars Petter, Norway.

It's about time I got a twin brother. -- Phillip, USA.

We should put our attention more on the problems cloning will solve rather than duelling on the intangible values we fear or presume it may violate. Ogbarode Ogbon, Nigeria.

You have to be extremely vain to think the world wants another exact 'you'. -- Kim, USA.

I find it quite shameful that a society that claims itself as being advanced refuses to see the advantages of cloning technology. -- Maurice Roy, Canada.

I would like to create a clone of my child, who is a diabetic. Take the functioning islet cells from the clone and give them to my daughter to cure her. Then, dispose of the clone. -- Denise, USA.

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Imagine making hundreds of Mussolini...This is crazy...STOP IT!!! -- Azzam, Malaysia.

Who is God? God is dead! He who acts against the cloning -- acts against the progress. Progress cannot be stopped by politics. -- Prizgig, Ukraine.

Absolutely!!! Who do I contact to volunteer? I am so serious. My husband and I want to have a child together. We bought puppies instead. Cloners unite! -- Sharon, Hawaii.

What happens if a cloned child is born with a disability? The wrong gender? The wrong eye or hair colour? Does that clone become disposable as its "just a clone?" Is it aborted, as it's easily replaced, easily "improved" on? -- Ben Gutteridge, UK.

Eric Schaub, France
What is it these days about Italy: Genoa, cloning, what else is coming up?  

ITS ABOUT TIME!! Let's do it for the infertile couples and for curing different diseases. Yes! I would love to volunteer but its a pity it won't be happening in my country for a long time. -- Sadi, Pakistan.

Unethical, absolutely wrong, and plain stupid. Antinori argues that Bush is against cloning because "he listens to Pope." The Pope is possibly the most wise man alive ... why not listen? -- Edward Chin, Malaysia.

This whole sad story is inevitable: a world so impressed by what it can do that it forgets what it should be doing. Let's do something really good for humanity instead! Let's feed and teach the poor, let people take home more of their paychecks, keep the government out of our bedrooms, and stop this hype about how important cloning is. It's not. -- Chris Allen, Germany.

No, never! It's very crazy and stupid!!! -- Milena Murganic, Yugoslavia.

For childless couples, there are so many lovely kids up for adoption, and for scientists we still have to deal with cancer, AIDS -- why not concentrate on those areas of research and people would not mind you being "like GOD". We don't need any more man made disasters. -- Melvyn Coutinho, United Arab Emirates.

Mercatur, U.S.
Where do I sign up?!  

Who is self-righteous enough to copy your own gene and deprive the child of it’s own unique personality? As for the right to have children, there are millions of kids in this world who need a family. Adopt! -- Mats Karsbrink, Sweden.

To clone human organs is lifesaving, but to clone another human being is morally wrong. If a human is successfully cloned and the clone commits a heinous crime, is the clone solely responsible, or is the cell donor or the scientist who did the cloning guilty as well? -- Joyce Navarro, USA.

Cloning helps families have children who cannot give birth to them naturally -- the ideal cause for researchers to proceed with cloning. But we as humans have to failed to address several other fundamental problems that exist today like poverty and hunger. It's like buying a luxury car for yourself when your family is starving. -- Ravindra Penumathsa, USA.

I, as many, just don't regard cloning as an option and wouldn't volunteer for anything else than opposing to human cloning. God help me and never would I pretend to help those -- even the greatest scientists -- trying to impersonate him. -- Laurent Villedieu, France.

I think that there are enough children that need good homes without scientists pandering to couples with immortality complexes. Before we go to extreme Frankensteinian measures to recreate ourselves we need to find homes for all the children in foster and state care. And, personally, I've never met anyone I thought there needed to be two of. -- Anonymous, France.

NO! NO! NO! What is this world coming to??? Nobody can play God, just let him take care of everything, HE knows what's best! If a woman can't have children, then it is God's will! Let's leave it at that. -- Helga Meyer, USA.

I am really getting bored with this playing God thing. We played God when we did the first caesarian section, when we transplanted the first organ, cloned an animal, even landed on the moon. Saying "don't play God" is as old as humanity. I am honestly disgusted and scared that there are churches in North America that consider using medication playing God. -- Almir, Canada.

R. Claessens, Canada
This Italian "doctor" -- hang him by the neck! What next? Create an army of zombies?  

Cloning is one more example of supreme human selfishness and absolutely unnecessary! So what if you can't have children? Accept it, like you have to accept many other unpleasant things in this life. -- Dobby, Finland.

All the failures, all the miscarriages, these are babies lives they are dealing with. Clones are humans, they have the right to choose, not to be experimented on. The clone will always be the odd one out. If the cloning of a human does happen, the clone has to live with all the results of cloning. -- Greg, South Africa.

I would love to have a clone of myself, and yes I agree with cloning to a certain point. Now I'm a mom of two boys and have had a hard time conceiving them. We only live once, why not clone ... Where do I sign up? -- Audrey, Canada, desperately in need of a daughter.

I don't think that any scientists have the right to operate some sort of a human creating factory! Who knows what problems these cloned humans would bring in the future? Why risk it? -- Stephanie Ng, Malaysia.

What hogwash! I understand the pain of being an infertile couple and cloning for them does not necessarily bother me. However, has anyone realised creating clones might create the same infertility found in either parents. Why should we risk our gene pool? -- Shakwanda Jenkins, USA.

Is Professor Antinori a friend of Silvio Berlusconi?? Is he planning to make a Professor Antinori Junior as well?? What is it these days about Italy: Genoa, cloning, what else is coming up??? -- Eric Schaub, France.

I would not volunteer, but I strongly support Professor Antinori if he intends to help childless couples. -- Aleksandar Bogicevic, Yugoslavia.

Cloning!!! Is the world ready for another Adolf Hitler? We are really talking about Artificial Intelligence that could start controlling the human species. The benefits are great but if the technology falls into wrong hands then it could mean trouble. -- Venkatesh Titte, India.

Crazy idea. Imagine an lunatic leader somewhere on earth cloning the perfect soldier, brainwashing him and sending him into action. Hell will break out on earth. -- Steen Christensen, Denmark.

This science now is pushing these crazy doctors to the limits where moral humans have never wanted to go. I think we should do all we can to prohibit this coming evil practice. It is going to devalue the human moral qualities. I will never volunteer for this crazy and malicious idea. The governments throughout the world should ban the experiments to take place. -- Leonard Kassana, Norway.


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