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Calm restored after UK riots

Burnt out car
A huge clean-up operation is taking place in Bradford  

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The police presence in the northern English city of Bradford is high as calm returns after two nights of racial violence.

Sunday night's disturbances were much smaller in scale than the widespread clashes that erupted on Saturday when a Pakistani cultural festival, a rally for an anti-immigration group and an anti-Nazi rally were cancelled.

More than 900 police have been deployed to keep the violence, mainly between white and Asian young people, in check with 46 arrests over the weekend.

Over Sunday night an Asian-owned restaurant and an Asian-owned petrol station were attacked by small groups of white youths. A pub was also set on fire.

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A West Yorkshire Police spokesman told CNN: "There have been one or two incidents in the Greengates area.

"It does not seem to be too serious and generally speaking the city is much quieter than it was yesterday."

No one was reported injured.

On Saturday night gangs of Asian and white youths fought running battles with officers, throwing bricks, bottles, petrol bombs and fireworks.

One hundred and twenty police officers were injured and two people -- and a police horse -- stabbed.

Bradford rioters
Rioters attacked police with bricks, hammers and petrol bombs on Saturday  

Amid a huge clean-up operation, police and civic leaders are appealing for calm with Home Secretary David Blunkett hinting that police may be issued with water cannon to help control such situations.

"It's to do with people who are prepared to resort to violence and self-destruction in a way which can take us absolutely nowhere," Blunkett said.

Throughout the summer violence has rocked northern England, hitting Oldham, Burnley, Leeds, and now Bradford.

All four communities are located within 40 miles of each other, about 200 miles north of London.

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