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Quotes from Ellen MacArthur

The Vendee Globe's youngest sailor has given regular updates on her progress via e-mail and satellite phone -- allowing land-lubbers to keep pace with the beauty and cruelty of the seas.

The following is a selection of quotes from Ellen MacArthur's during the 100-day race:

  • "I'd like to do this again in 10 years time, just for the hell of it, not in a race, just set off and do it, no pressure, no communications."

  • "When it's a race, you just can't stop. It would be easy to say, 'chill out', when you're tired but you never have to lose the goal of the finish line. That's what you set out to do and that's what you stick to."

  • "The Southern Ocean is unique. It wants everything. When you have nothing left, it wants twice as much again."

  • "Never in my life before have I experienced such beauty, and fear at the same time. Ten icebergs so far today ..."

  • "Things are different in the Atlantic: The colour of the sea, the types of birds (I miss the albatross) and now there are sings of human life." (Yachting World)

  • "Day 70, so I opened my next 10-day food box ... unfortunately I can't stop myself eating all the Maltesers in one day!"

  • "One of the things I miss most is the countryside. I haven't seen a tree for nearly three months!"

  • "I think it (a plant being nurtured onboard) is a bit confused as its already been through just about every season possible between the Southern Ocean and the Equator, but it is indeed growing."

  • "I extended my limit. I'm battered, bruised and exhausted. A lost sail, a broken halyard, four hours at the top of mast to fix it."

  • "I don't know what happened to me 36 hours ago. I just hit an emotional wall. I've never cried so much in my life."

  • "When you spend so much time pushing, caring for, cajoling and maintaining a beautiful racing machine like this, you get very close. She's looked after me well, and I look after her. I haven't been lonely at all." (Yachting World)

  • "My objective is to cross the finish line and if I make the top five that would be amazing." (Yachting World)

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