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Abdullah backs terror fight

King Abdullah is on a state visit to Britain  

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Saying Jordan stood "shoulder to shoulder" with the world community in the fights against terrorism, King Abdullah called for the rooting out of breeding grounds of hate and mistrust.

In a speech at the UK Houses of Parliament , he called the events of September 11 "evil" and said that moderate Muslims backed the anti-terror fight.

He also called for Israel to keep to its commitments in the Middle East, calling for a Palestinian state and saying that he welcomed the support of U.S. President George W. Bush on the issue.

King Abdullah told MPs in a committee room at the House of Commons: "The events of September 11 were plainly and simply an affront to all humanity.

"That is the view of the too rarely-heard Arab majority.

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"Let me speak for my people, as a human being, as a father, as a Jordanian and most of all as a Muslim -- what happened on that day was evil.

"As a civilised nation, Jordan stands shoulder to shoulder with the world community in this fight."

On terrorism the King said it was time the anti-terrorist coalition "worked together as effectively as the terrorists do."

He said the terrorists were organised on a global level, knew how to cooperate and stayed focused on their destructive objectives.

"They have found sanctuary wherever we were complacent and failed to act. No longer.

"As we fight against terror we must rid the world of the breeding grounds for hatred and mistrust. This means a different type of war.

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"There is a military dimension which must be exercised with caution but always with unflinching resolve.

"Even more important will be the role we play by other means -- economic measures, diplomacy and the free flow of truth."

He said "from the earliest hours" Jordan had contributed, condemned tterrorism shared information and provided diplomatic support to the coalition effort.

"You can be sure that Jordan will continue to stand with you in the days ahead."

Palestinian state

On the Middle East, King Abdullah said there was now "a unique opportunity" to forge a comprehensive and just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"The need to act quickly is urgent.

"For far too long terrorists have used violence, fear and community division to spread their lies and influence.

"They feed on despair and injustice like jackals stalk a victim.

"Our goal must be nothing less than a just and comprehensive rresolutionwith a state of Palestine and a state of Israel coexisting side by side.

"I call on Israel to adhere to the international recognition of the Palestinian right to a viable independent Palestinian state on Palestinian soil based on United Nations security resolutions."

He said Jordan had a peace treaty with Israel and recognised an Israel's right to statehood but without Israel's withdrawal from all occupied territories "there can never be a just and lasting resolution to the cconflictin our region."

"I believe it will happen, it should happen " the monarch told lawmakers. "My personal pledge is that I will work tirelessly to see that it does happen."

The king thanked Britain for "thinking outside the box" on terrorism, standing with friends, resisting terror and seeking justice and peace.

"And hopefully to build a new age of trust and hope."

CNN's Robin Oakley said that the King's strong call for a Palestinian state was sure to be reinforced in talks at Downing Street with British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


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