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Student regrets Vegas wedding

Cripps: "If you go to Las Vegas, you drink, you gamble, and you get married ..."  

LONDON, England -- A British student is trying to find the Australian he married during his holiday in Las Vegas, but it may be too late to win back his girlfriend.

James Cripps, 21, married Australian backpacker Kristy Ladzik, 26, after a drinking binge in the city renowned for drinking, gambling ... and marrying.

The two met at a youth hostel a few days earlier, and decided to get married in the church which has been the backdrop for some famous marriages, including those of Michael Caine, Whoopi Goldberg and Bette Midler.

But it took Cripps three days to tell his girlfriend back home about his nuptials.

Cripps, who met his long-term girlfriend Abi Harding while studying economics at Bristol University in western England, was instantly ditched.

"I just thought it might be quite funny," Cripps said. "If you go to Las Vegas, you drink, you gamble, and you get married, which is what I did."

Cripps and his bride bought a marriage licence from a 24-hour courthouse before saying "I do" at the Candlelight Chapel on the Vegas Strip -- a church which bills itself as a "quaint and romantic setting for your wedding."

The vows were celebrated with Twinkies and champagne, bought in a nearby supermarket.

Cripps has little memory of Ladzik and cannot recall much of the ceremony.

"I was way too drunk," he said. "We were all very drunk and thought it would be a laugh if we got married."

The honeymoon was short lived as the couple went their separate ways the next day, with Cripps returning to the UK and Ladzik to Australia.

"It was funny for a while, but now my ex-girlfriend is never going to talk to me again, and with good reason," Cripps said.

"It is a great story to have, but it's not worth the grief I will get," he added.

Cripps said he was attempting to find the optician from Melbourne, Australia, to have the marriage annulled.


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