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Europe plans anti-terror effort

Roissy airport
A soldier and a riot police officer patrol at the United Airlines desk of Roissy airport, north of Paris  

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Police and magistrates from across Europe have opened talks to coordinate their anti-terrorist investigations following the attacks on the United States.

Authorities in Europe are investigating possible links between suspected Islamic radicals detained in recent days in Europe, and Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect in Tuesday's attacks on New York and Washington.

Officials from Germany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium gathered in Brussels on Monday.

Joannes Thuy, a spokesman for Belgium's Justice Ministry, told The Associated Press: "Magistrates and police investigators are here to coordinate policy against a possible terrorist threat.'' He said Monday's meeting was confidential and declined to give details.

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Media reports in France and Belgium said at least one of two North African men arrested in Belgium was believed to have been planning attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Paris and other American interests in France before he was detained on Thursday.

Fabienne Laduron, spokeswoman for Brussels prosecutor's office, told CNN the men were members of a radical Muslim group. She could not confirm that the American embassy in Paris was a target.

Germany's top law enforcement official has called for a review of the entire intelligence strategy after three men who lived quietly in Germany for years were implicated in the devastating hijack attacks.

Following the attacks, one man who worked at a German airport was arrested and later released. Dutch police also detained four people last week after a joint operation with other European forces.

Belgian daily Le Soir said Italian intelligence services had intercepted communications suggesting that a group planned attacks on the U.S. embassy in Paris, the U.S. consulate in Marseilles, and other targets.

It said the suspects detained in Belgium and the Netherlands were part of a cell based in France.

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