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Israel moves into West Bank town

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli tanks mounted an incursion into the Palestinian-controlled town of Ramallah early Sunday.

Reuters quoted the Israeli army as saying the incursion followed a Palestinian shooting attack late Saturday which it said killed an Israeli motorist on a road in northern Jerusalem.

There were reports of injuries but no confirmed details from the incursion in Ramallah. The Israeli army later pulled out of the West Bank town.

Reuters quoted the army as saying: "During the operation there were exchanges of fire between soldiers and Palestinians.

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"Following the exchange of fire troops struck Palestinian positions with ground forces and helicopter gunships, as well as carrying out arrests."

On Saturday, Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles on Palestinian security targets in Gaza, according to Palestinian security sources and the Israeli army.

The operation that hit targets around Gaza City and the southern Gaza town of Raffah injured 10 people, one critically, Palestinian sources said.

Israel Defense Forces said the attacks were in response to the wounding of two border policemen in a grenade attack at Erez crossing Friday night and a number of mortar bombardments.

In addition, there are conflicting reports about a firefight that broke out Friday night between the Israeli military and Palestinian gunmen near the West Bank town of Ramallah.

Palestinian security sources said the Israeli army went into Area-A, a sector of the West Bank under full Palestinian administrative and security control, occupied a Palestinian National Security checkpoint and was shooting from it.

Israeli forces later withdrew from the area, Palestinian security sources said.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said there were four injuries from Israeli fire.

The Israeli army said there was an exchange of fire with Palestinian gunmen, but military sources said there was no incursion into Area-A.

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