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Two charged in Europe terror probe

By CNN correspondent Diana Muriel

BRUSSELS, Belgium (CNN) -- Two men believed to have been planning an attack on American interests in Europe have been charged in Belgium with possession of weapons of war.

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CNN's Diana Muriel has more on the European crackdown of possible terrorist networks (September 15)

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Prosecutors said on Saturday that the two men charged face four separate counts, but they would not say what the other charges were.

The men, who were arrested on Thursday, were members of a radical Muslim group, said Fabienne Laduron, spokeswoman for Brussels prosecutor's office.

She said they were not ruling out a connection with Osama bin Laden.

The men were taken into custody in co-ordination with Netherlands authorities, who arrested four others in Rotterdam on Friday.

Police were analysing documentation that indicated the men were planning on attacking American interests in Europe.

France is sending two magistrates who specialise in terror cases to Brussels on Monday to consult on the case.

A French radio station, Europe 1, reported that the American embassy in Paris was a target. Laduron could not confirm that report.

One of the men arrested in Brussels was Tunisian, and the other was a Belgian national of North African descent.

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