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Nine die on Mideast day of mourning

Israeli tanks
Israeli tanks roll on the outskirts of Jenin  

JENIN, West Bank (CNN) -- An Israeli woman was killed on the West Bank following the deaths of nine Palestinians in clashes with Israeli troops around Jenin.

Israeli ambulance services said an Israeli woman died Wednesday evening from wounds sustained in a shooting attack on her car at the Hable Junction near Kalkilyeh in the West Bank.

The Israeli army said her car was shot at by Palestinian gunmen.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had announced Wednesday a day of mourning in sympathy with the terrorist attacks in the United States.

Overnight, the Israeli army had entered the Jenin refugee camp, Palestinian sources said, resulting in an exchange of fire between Palestine gunmen and Israeli troops.

Two Palestinians were killed, the Palestine Red Crescent said.

Early in the morning, Israeli tanks entered Jenin City and two surrounding villages, said Palestinian sources.

The Red Crescent said three Palestinians were killed in Arabe village, one of them a 10-year-old girl.

In addition, three Palestinians were killed in the village of Tabus and another died in the Jenin refugee camp. The organization said 20 people were injured.

An Israeli Defense Force spokesman said: "It is emphasized that Jenin is a center for terror activity, and many attacks have originated there."

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