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Protesters converge on Frankfurt

Frankfurt protest
Protesters in Frankfurt marched on Tuesday over the Genoa violence  

FRANKFURT, Germany -- Around 1,000 people are camping out in Frankfurt to protest over the deportation of illegal immigrants.

The demonstrators are promising a week of protests in what they are calling part of a "Summer of Resistance," The Associated Press reported.

Some were in Genoa in July for the protests surrounding the G8 summit, some of which turned violent.

One organiser of the German demonstration told AP: "We're not here to throw stones. But we are very heterogeneous group. It's speculation how things will unfold."

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The agency reported that a masked protester was injured in a subway station as police tried to control demonstrators catching a train back to the camp.

Protesters also burst into the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in a demonstration over what they called inadequate payments to Nazi-era labourers.

Some others also protested at the offices of the ruling Social Democratic Party over what they said was Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's failure to condemn reports of police brutality in Genoa.

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi's conservative forces have now agreed to a parliamentary inquiry into how police handled the violence that marred the July 20-22 Genoa summit.

Protesters have set up a camp on the banks of Frankfurt's Main River outside the city, complete with computer station, media centre, book stand, portable toilets and canteen.

It is the base camp for an annual demonstration staged by the group No One is Illegal, which backs open borders, eased immigration laws and an immediate halt to deportations of illegal immigrants, said AP.

Protests are planned for Wednesday, while on Saturday demonstrators plan to march on the deportation centre where illegal aliens and rejected asylum-seekers are held at Frankfurt's international airport.

Deportation by commercial airlines hit the headlines in Europe following the deaths of several immigrants, including a Sudanese passenger in 1999 on a Lufthansa flight.

AP quoted a German news report which said an expert had concluded that the man suffocated because of the force with which German police officers pinned him in his seat during takeoff.

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