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Two-year-old girl skydives

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Two-year-old Demie strapped to her father's chest falls 10,000 feet  

TEXEL, The Netherlands -- The world's youngest skydiver plunged into the world's record books when her father jumped out of a plane with her strapped to his chest.

Skydiving instructor Herman Landsman jumped from a plane on Tuesday with his two-year-old daughter Demie, at 14,000 feet above the Dutch island of Texel.

Father and daughter free-fell for 10,000 feet in less than a minute before Landsman opened his parachute for a smooth final five minute descent.

The two reached a speed of about 180 km per hour before the parachute opened.

Demie's mother, Karina Willerup, told Reuters her daughter was emotionally overwhelmed by the whole experience, but was keen to jump again.

Willerup said Demie, who turns three in September, told her after the jump: "Mummy, I want to fly again."

According to the Netherlands regulations, a "tandem" pilot, one who carries a passenger strapped to his body, must be a fully qualified adult.

There are no restrictions on a passenger's age, the Dutch airsports association told Reuters.

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