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Web sites let UK voters get funky

Set the politicians to music on MTV's Stereo MPs Web site  

LONDON, England -- MTV is among the latest Web sites providing a dose of light relief amid the British election campaign.

Numerous sites devoted to spoofing key players in the June 7 poll have sprung up and there is no shortage of people online willing to virtually humiliate their would-be leaders.

In cyberspace, voters of all political colours can put politicians in a blender, fire missiles at the party battle buses and even redesign their leaders.

At, a "Stereo MPs" page features images of Prime Minister Tony Blair, opposition leader William Hague and his Conservative colleague Ann Widdecombe poised to dance. Users can control the speed and movements of their arms and legs -- their "funkitude" -- and select backgrounds, lighting and music to suit the mood.

Widdecombe was the target of a spoof chain e-mail earlier this month which threatened to send voters a naked picture of the shadow home secretary unless they voted Labour.

At, a game allows visitors to reprise one of the most memorable incidents of the campaign so far -- Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott punching a protester who threw an egg at him.

Or for those more interested in policy issues, go hunting asylum-seekers with Hague in his battle bus.

Visitors can bend and twist politicians' images as they see fit at The site is now working on a feature to allow visitors to build their very own politician from spare parts "found in the House of Commons dustbins."

At surfers who want to see some action can put themselves up for cyber election against a fantasy cast.

The dream cabinet so far is kick-boxing action heroine Lara Croft as prime minister with cartoon anti-hero Homer Simpson as foreign minister and Wonder Woman with her hands on the nation's purse strings as chancellor.

For those seeking a more backroom role allows visitors to shape their own Labour party campaign -- with salacious tabloid headlines and popularity drop penalties if all does not got well.

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