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Key points of Jospin's speech

Jospin: "I remain attached to my nation"  

By CNN Paris Bureau Chief Peter Humi

PARIS, France -- French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin rejected the proposal by German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder for a more centralised Europe, with more powers given to the EU's legislature and commission.

Jospin said he wants a federation of nation-states -- each retaining their own 'national identities.' Jospin also rebutted Schroeder's proposals to "renationalise" common agricultural policy, or farming subsidies, of which France is the EU's largest recipient.

The prime minister called for the drawing up of a written constitution for Europe -- once EU member states had decided in which political direction they wished to go. Jospin said the constitution would "determine the reorganisation and role of future European institutions."

Jospin said an "economic government" of the EU would be necessary in the so-called euro-zone so each state could exchange views before taking "decisions which would impact on the (euro) zone." He also called for tax harmonisation -- avoiding loopholes which currently exist is some EU member states.

The prime minister said he advocates a pan-European security force, along the lines of a European integrated police force to combat cross-border crime. He said "organised crime knows no borders." Fraud, prostitution and pornography are of particular concern.

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