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ETA blamed for Madrid explosions

MADRID, Spain -- Spanish officials are blaming the Basque separatist group ETA for two explosions in the capital, Madrid.

Property was damaged but no-one was hurt in the blasts, which happened about an hour apart on Monday afternoon in a northern part of the city.

CNN's Madrid bureau chief Al Goodman said the first explosion was limited as only the detonator went off.

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It happened inside a small, French-made car as another vehicle was driving past. Police have not revealed who was in the passing vehicle but say the occupants escaped unhurt.

Goodman says police believe ETA operatives then drove a second car about a kilometre (half a mile) away and blew up the bomb, which contained about 30 kilos of dynamite.

The force of that blast sent the roof of the car onto a basketball court in a nearby park.

No-one has yet admitted responsibility.

ETA has been blamed for 24 killings since ending a ceasefire in December 1999 and often uses bombs hidden in cars.

A navy cook, killed by a car bomb in the Basque city of San Sebastian last month, is believed to have been the group's first victim this year.

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