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'Tommy' judge assassin suspect dies in custody

Former highroller 'Tommy' is still at large  

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A prime suspect in the murder of a Jakarta judge who sentenced the fugitive son of ex-dictator Suharto to prison has died in police custody.

The suspect, retired army Lt. Col. Wiyono, 61, died from a suspected heart attack brought on by high blood pressure, The Associated Press reported police detective Lt. Col. Adang Rochyana as saying.

Police accuse Suharto's youngest son, Hutomo "Tommy" Mandala Putra, of ordering the killing of the Supreme Court justice last month.

There were no indications of foul play, he said, adding that an autopsy would be performed.

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Police arrested Wiyono on August 9, accusing him of supplying the murder weapon to Tommy, who later gave it to the two assassins.

Tommy has been on the run since he was convicted of corruption last year and sentenced to 18 months in jail.

As well as the judge's murder, police have also accused Tommy of masterminding a bombing campaign in the capital. He has also been implicated in a bombing at the Jakarta Stock Exchange that killed 15 people.

Last September, the Supreme Court convicted Tommy in a multimillion dollar real estate scam. But he was not jailed immediately, and vanished in November after an arrest warrant was issued.

He is the only member of the Suharto family to be found guilty of corruption so far. The former dictator evaded prosecution for graft last year claiming he was too ill and old to face trial.

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