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Malaysian motorist booked at 773kmh

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A Malaysian man has been booked by police for driving his Toyota Corolla at more than half the speed of sound. Asia
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Resort caretaker New Ching Shit told the Star newspaper he had received a summons to appear in court this month after police recorded him driving along a stretch of highway close to his home at 773kmh (480 miles per hour).

He told the paper he was amazed that police believed his family car was capable of such speeds.

Nonetheless he said police were determined to press charges.

'Blatant mistake'

"It is ridiculous to say that I drove at such a breakneck speed," he said.

He added that the speed limit on the road in question, close to the city of Port Dickson, was only 60kmh.

At a press conference in Port Dickson Wednesday he told reporters that he was stumped after receiving the court summons because the speedometer on his car only goes as up to 160 kmh.

"How can the traffic police here make such a blatant mistake?" the Star quoted him as saying.

"I am even more amazed when a police officer insisted there was no mistake," the alleged 59-year old speedking said, adding that his friends had now nicknamed him the Malaysian Michael Schumacher.

He said that he was seeking legal assistance to defend himself against the charges.

The Star newspaper

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4:30pm ET, 4/16

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