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Nude robbers succeed with barely a struggle

DHAKA, Bangladesh -- A group of naked armed robbers plundered homes and businesses abandoned by shy villagers in southern Bangladesh, press reports said Wednesday.

The English-language daily Bangladesh Observer said the nude men with guns slung over their bare shoulders shocked residents into fleeing.

"The womenfolk were so embarrassed by the nudity of the well-built men that they ran away from their homes giving a free hand to the robbers to decamp with their valuables," said eyewitness Ashik Sowdagar in the village of Islampur.

The village is located near the beach town Cox's Bazar, 340 kilometres south of the capital Dhaka.

The dozen bandits in the buff on Tuesday broke into shops and looted property at a neighbourhood market without having to fire a single shot.

"Itís a new-style of terrorism," said one eyewitness. They resembled "monsters in the guise of men" said another.

Local police chief Nabajyoti Khisa said the naked robbers had left the village and disappeared into a forest before police had reached the area




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