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India shells Pakistan, breaking cease-fire

JAMMU, Indian Kashmir (CNN) -- The Indian Army said Monday that it had shelled 11 Pakistani military posts across the cease-fire line, destroying them.

But in New Delhi, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said the attacks were being "exaggerated."

She said local commanders opened fire in attempts to stop infiltrations and 81mm mortars were the largest weapons used. She said the Indian government was not trying to escalate the situation along the so-called "line of control" dividing the Indian- and Pakistani-controlled portions of the troubled region.

She said the field commanders had taken action without consulting with higher-level officials.

Indian army officials said that the strikes were in retaliation for attacks overnight against three power stations by Pakistani forces.

In Islamabad, Pakistani officials said two sectors had been attacked. A senior official said one woman was killed and 25 civilians were injured in shelling that lasted between one and two hours.

He said that shelling was continuing in a second sector and that Pakistani forces were returning fire.

The Indian attack came as U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell arrived in Pakistan for talks intended to lower tension between Pakistan and India.

There had been a 10-month cease-fire in effect along the so-called "line of control" between the two parties.

The United States has been urging both the nuclear powers to reduce tensions.


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