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Chinese woman sues for losing that loving feeling

By CNN's Rose Tang

GUANGHAN, China (CNN) -- A Chinese woman injured in a car accident is suing the driver for rmb39,000 (about $4,711) for what she says is her loss of kissing ability.

The woman, surnamed Tao, alleges that she has not been able to kiss her husband and daughter properly since her two front teeth were broken and lips cut in the car accident, Jiangnan Times newspaper reported.

In the lawsuit, filed Tuesday at a local court at Guanghan, in southwestern province of Sichuan, Tao accuses the driver, surnamed Wu, for deprivation of her rights of "body, health, kissing and property".

Tao also says she's suffering from short-term memory loss and has not been able to eat food properly since she was hospitalized after the accident on June 1.

'Sweet kisses' gone

But the most painful aftermath is the loss of "the feeling of sweet kisses," the newspaper quoted Tao as saying.

The newspaper quoted legal experts as saying China's legal system does not cover "kissing rights" but her case could fall under compensation regulations based on personal damages.

A court hearing is set for August 3 in Guanghan.

Though China's legal system is considered erratic and inefficient, Chinese society is following a Western trend and becoming more litigious and more people are turning to court over civil disputes.

The highest-profile case recently was a 19-year-old girl in Shaanxi province accused by police of being a man soliciting female prostitutes.

Police then allegedly forced the woman, who said she was a virgin, to comply with a gender check to prove she was female.

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