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African leaders attend communications summit

PRETORIA, South Africa (CNN) -- Delegates from all over the African continent gathered in Pretoria to explore every aspect of what's hot and new in the world of telecommunications.

CNN's Jim Clancy reports on the telecommunications and technology conference in Africa (August 10)

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Perhaps the biggest news out of the meeting is the formation of the African Internet Service Providers Association. The 60 ISP's will unite in the hope of driving technological progress.

Among them are many voices that want excessive government regulation to step aside, and let free enterprise give Africans better Internet service, cell phones and digital communications.

"We believe that it is good for the economy, it is good for investors. There's a lot opportunity that's been created and we're going to see a vibrant ITC industry that will further push and enhance the emergence of the new economy. Lets give competition a chance," said Andile Ngcaba, the Director General of the Department of Communications for the South African government.

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