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Sources: Anthrax same in Leahy, Daschle letters

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Tests on a letter sent to Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, confirm the presence of anthrax, and its potent grade matches that contained in a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-South Dakota, sources told CNN Monday.

The results confirm what investigators had been expecting.

The letter and envelope have now been transferred to labs at FBI headquarters for further analysis, following their decontamination at a U.S. military lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the sources said.

Investigators will look for fingerprints, hair, DNA, fibers -- anything that might help them determine who sent it. Results from those tests could take weeks.

The DNA tests are not expected to yield much information because the letter sent to Leahy, just like the one sent to Daschle, were sealed shut with tape and no saliva was detected.

If fibers are found, that could eventually lead to clues on where the letter was put together.

The Leahy letter, like the Daschle letter, is a photocopy, but investigators will closely examine the letter to see if any original ink is on the copy -- something that could offer a clue about the culprit.

The deadly spores in both letters were treated with silica, which acts as a drying agent and can make the spores linger in the air longer allowing absorption into the lungs, according to sources.

The sources would not say whether any other additives were found.

An official announcement about the Leahy letter is expected sometime Monday.


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