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Man with knife taken into custody outside White House

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A man who was "acting suspiciously" outside the southwest gate to the White House was taken into custody Thursday morning by Secret Service uniformed officers, who found he was carrying a knife at least a foot long, a Secret Service source told CNN.

William Thomas Duncan, a 26-year-old man with no fixed address, had been pacing back and forth about 50 yards from the gate when Secret Service agents approached him, patted him down and discovered the knife, said spokesman Jim Mackin.

The man then volunteered that he had additional weapons in his vehicle, parked two blocks away, Mackin said.

Shortly after 7 a.m., officers closed 15th Street from E Street to Pennsylvania Avenue, nearly three blocks, while they searched the man's 1991 Dodge pickup, which carried Idaho plates.

Officers found an SKS assault rifle on the front seat and another rifle with a scope, a bulletproof vest, a Kevlar helmet and a handgun, Mackin said. At least two of the weapons were loaded.

A bomb detection team searched the vehicle, which was parked at 15th and E streets, and found no explosives. Streets reopened at 9 a.m.

"Certainly, any time there is someone with that type of weaponry, that's a serious incident," the source said.

The man was taken into custody and could face several charges, the source said.


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