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FAA to hire more federal airport security workers before Thanksgiving

From Kathleen Koch
CNN Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The federal government has announced it is hiring more security employees on a temporary basis to improve oversight of screening checkpoints run by private contractors at the nation's airports.

In a press release, the Federal Aviation Administration said the move would put more federal security workers on the job at airports within the next few weeks, in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"After the horrible terrorist attack of September 11, the FAA's security workforce has faced increasing demands," Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said in the statement. "Hiring additional people to help secure our aviation system is a wise investment and one we need to make immediately."

The new employees would be hired for six months, and would provide oversight and support at screening checkpoints, assist screeners and supervisors as necessary, help certify screening equipment, and ensure that security is being performed correctly. They would be deployed across the country and work under the direct supervision of FAA civil aviation security agents.

The FAA plans to recruit the employees at job fairs in select cities this week, including Washington, D.C.; New York; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; and the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, area.

Demonstrated knowledge of aviation security procedures is required, as is work experience in the aviation industry. Insiders say the move could provide work for some of the thousands of airline employees furloughed or fired since September 11.


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