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Patriotic postal stamp honors America's spirit

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. Postal Service unveiled a new patriotism stamp called "United We Stand" Tuesday, three weeks after the World Trade Center and the Pentagon attacks.

"The 'United We Stand' stamp is a ballot for freedom. It's a reminder to the world that liberty and justice are more than words, they are the essence of who we are. And every time we use this stamp we will remind ourselves and others that these, our core values, are unshakable," said Postmaster General John E. Potter.

The first-class stamp is expected to be available at all post offices as early as November.

Tragedy renews patriotism  

"Today more than ever, the people of America are united in their purpose. They are united in their pride. They are united in their determination. This postal stamp is graphic representation of that unity," said Robert Rider of the Postal Service Board of Governors.

The Senate has passed legislation for a 45-cent commemorative semi-postal stamp introduced by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York). Eleven cents of the stamp's cost will go to a relief fund created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help families of rescue workers who died during the September 11 bombings. The bill is expected to pass the House and then go to the president for his signature.


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