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$25 million set aside in bounty money to catch terrorists

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- They offered bounties in the Old West. And now, they're doing it in the New West. President George W. Bush has placed a multimillion dollar bounty on the heads of the terrorists.

Divying up the $5.1 billion emergency fund  

Nearly $25 million will be used to provide rewards for information leading to the apprehension of the terrorists responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which left thousands dead.

The money is part of $5.1 billion in emergency spending to assist in the humanitarian, recovery and national security needs related to the attack. It is the first installment of the $40 billion in emergency funds.

The Office of Management and Budget released details of how the first round of money will be spent.

The reward money is approximately half of $48.9 million allocated for the State Department. The State Department will use the rest of the money to improve emergency communications at domestic facilities and embassies abroad and to have funding available to evacuate personnel at high-threat embassies.

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