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U.S. details reservist call-up

By Bob Franken

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Pentagon has announced that after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's request for authorization to activate up to 50,000 National Guard and Reserve troops, and President's Bush's approval, U.S. military planners have assigned allotments for 35,500 of them.

The Army will supply 10,000, the Air Force 13,000, the Marines 7,500, the Navy 3,000 and the Coast Guard 2,000.

The specific units will be named, according to Pentagon sources, by the individual services, which are still formulating plans.

According to the Pentagon, "These reservists are being called upon to provide port operations, medical support, engineer support, general civil support and homeland defense."

Rumsfeld requested the callup as part of a Bush administration plan reacting to Tuesday's terror attacks on the Pentagon and New York's World Trade Center.

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