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Gasoline prices skyrocket in some parts of the country

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (CNN) -- Rumors of gas shortages Tuesday pushed gasoline prices higher in parts of the country following terror attacks in Washington and New York.

In some areas, the price per gallon more than doubled.

A gasoline industry spokesman, meanwhile, said consumers had nothing to worry about, because there is plenty of fuel in the country and that some gas stations apparently were simply gouging consumers.

In Oklahoma City, gas prices reached the $2 mark. In Indianapolis, the price for a gallon of gas fluctuated between $4 and $5. Long lines at gas stations were reported in parts of the southeastern United States.

The California Service Station Association noted independent gas stations had raised their prices by about 20 cents a gallon.

Some consumers suggested gas station owners were taking advantage of a bad situation. The American Petroleum Institute (API), representing the petroleum industry, echoed that thought.

"There is a substantial amount of gas available in all parts of the United States," said Chris Kelley, API spokesman, adding that the increase in gas prices is an issue that needs to be dealt with by local authorities.

Kelly said Tuesday's attack should have no impact on gasoline supplies.

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