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Former president offers moral support

BRISBANE, Australia (CNN) -- Former U.S. President Bill Clinton ended his visit to Australia on Wednesday and said he planned to return to the United States as soon as possible because of the tragedies in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Former President Bill Clinton speaks out about the attacks on Tuesday while in Australia (September 12)

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Clinton offered his moral support to help in the aftermath of the plane crashes at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and southeast of Pittsburgh.

"I think it's important that we concentrate now on all those rescue operations and the Americans that support them in whatever way we can," Clinton told reporters.

Clinton also offered his support to his successor, President George W. Bush.

"I thought the president made a fine address to the country," Clinton said. "I agree with what he said and I think it's absolutely imperative that the American people demonstrate to the whole world our unity.

"A lot of innocent people were killed by an evil force and we're going to stand together against it until justice is done, accountability is had," Clinton said.

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