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Shark victim to cut out surfing for now

Becky Chapman  

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Florida (CNN) -- One of six victims bitten by sharks this past weekend along the Florida coast said Tuesday she doesn't expect to go surfing again anytime soon.

"Probably not for a long time," said Becky Chapman, 17.

Speaking to reporters at Bert Fish Medical Center where she remains hospitalized, the young woman recounted Sunday's attack, which left her with a wound on her left calf that required surgery. The other victims were treated and released over the weekend.

CNN's Alexa Lee says two young men and a teen-age girl received non-fatal bites in the latest round of shark encounters (August 20)

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Amateur video of a shark in shallow water off New Smyrna Beach, Florida (August 18)

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"I was just sitting in the water, surfing with one of my friends," Chapman said "I felt it just hit the back of my leg. At first, I didn't know what it was. Then it started shaking around. It was scary."

Asked if she made any contact with the shark, Chapman elicited laughs when she responded, "Oh yeah, I beat the crap out of it."

Chapman smiled as she talked about how she had never even been in a car accident.

"And I'm the one that gets bitten by a shark," Chapman said. "It's kind of cool, I guess."

Her mother, she reported, had a different reaction.

"She doesn't want me to surf at all anymore," Chapman said, adding that she would avoid the water for awhile to allow her leg to heal.

Her doctor described the wound as significant, noting that most shark bites don't require surgery. Chapman is expected to remain in the hospital until at least Wednesday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

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