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Doctor says lifeguards helped shark victim

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- The doctor who assisted a man attacked by a shark in the Bahamas disagreed with the man's wife Wednesday, saying lifeguards acted quickly to save him.

"They acted very quickly," Rolando Corral said of the lifeguards who pulled Krishna Thompson from the waters near Our Lucaya, a resort on Grand Bahamas Island, after a shark mauled his left leg.

Thompson's wife, Ave Maria, criticized the lifeguards for not reaching her husband quickly enough.

"One of the first things [my husband] said to me when they removed the ventilator was that he was screaming and they wouldn't come," she said Tuesday.

The doctor said the lifeguards placed a tourniquet around the man's leg, stemming the profuse bleeding. After being taken to a local hospital, Krishna Thompson was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. The New York banker's leg was later amputated above the knee.

Corral said he arrived on the scene shortly after lifeguards pulled Thompson onto the beach.

"There was a great deal of commotion," the Freeport, Bahamas, doctor said. "People were pointing out to the sea. Everyone was very confused."

Corral said he checked the tourniquet tied around Thompson's leg by lifeguards. He then asked Thompson questions to see if he was conscious. Thompson was able to give weak responses and said he was not in pain, Corral said.

The doctor said Thompson, who was in the Bahamas with his wife to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, is lucky to have survived the attack.

"I have never seen a shark bite before," he said. "There was a great deal of blood -- you could the blood vessels and even bone exposed in his leg."

The general manager of Our Lucaya resort, where the Thompsons were staying, said two lifeguards who witnessed the attack "did not waste a second and jumped right in."

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