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Katharine Graham remembered by friends and colleagues

Henry Kissinger, Ben Bradlee and Arthur M. Schlesinger were among those who gathered at the funeral of former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham.


Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state:

"Strong, and at the same time, somewhat shy. Appreciative of humor, unobtrusively purposeful. Never bitter and always brave. Matter-of-factly loyal to her friends and deeply devoted to her family, Kay ennobled all her human relationships."

"Her place, in this country, will not be filled -- nor the void her death leaves in the lives of her friends and her family. Yet, in the pain of this moment, none of us would trade places with those whose lives were never touched by Kay Graham."


Ben Bradlee, former Washington Post executive editor:

"Maybe not all of you understand exactly what it takes to make a great newspaper. It takes a great owner. Period. An owner who commits herself with passion and the highest standards in principles to a simple search for the truth. With fervor, not favor, with fairness and courage. Great owners help reporters and editors shine a bright light on the darkest corners of society."

"She was a spectacular dame, and I loved her very much."


Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., historian

"Katharine Graham was a very gallant lady. She will leave an enduring mark on the nation's capital and the irreverent press."

"She was a quiet revolutionary on behalf of all women. She helped transform the expectations that so long had cramped and confined her sex. From ending the archaic Washington ritual of separation of sexes after dinner, to breaking into a business that men regarded as their private property, to showing that women could beat men at their own game, she encouraged and emboldened other women to enter hitherto forbidden fields."

"Hers was in a sense a privileged life, but her struggles for a sense of self-worth and fulfillment were those of so many women in her lifetime."

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