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Police sources: Condit admits to affair with Levy

Terrance Gainer, Executive Assistant Chief of Police, addresses the media.  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Rep. Gary Condit told Washington police he had a romantic relationship with 24-year-old former intern Chandra Levy, police sources who requested anonymity told CNN.

The disclosure came after a third interview with investigators on Friday night, the sources said.

Meanwhile on Saturday, Terrance Gainer, Executive Assistant Chief of the Washington Metropolitan Police, would not confirm Condit admitted to an affair. Gainer did say police are comfortable that they understand the nature of relationship between Condit and Levy, but "unfortunately it does not lead us to finding where Miss Chandra Ann Levy is."

Gainer said the California congressman answered all questions fully, and reiterated he is not a suspect in the case.

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"He was not a suspect before the meeting, he was not a suspect during the meeting, and he's not a suspect since the meeting," Gainer said. "So he was cooperative and happy to get this third interview out of the way."

Gainer said, at this time, there are no plans to further interview Condit, 53.

Condit has publicly denied through aides that he had an affair with Levy, missing since April 30. In statements, he has referred to the former Bureau of Prisons intern, 24, as a "good friend."

Condit's phone records subpoenaed

Police subpoenaed the cellular phone and apartment phone records of both Condit and Levy and Levy's medical records, a law enforcement source said earlier Saturday.

The records were sought using the normal grand jury mechanism, the source said, as a special grand jury has not been appointed in the case.

"If the police made any requests for records, we'd voluntarily turn them over," Condit's public relations representative, Marina Ein, said Saturday.

Next week, police will take cadaver-sniffing dogs to trash dumps in the D.C. area. District police have said they believe Levy either was a victim of foul play or is in hiding -- all but ruling out the possibility of suicide.

Police Chief Charles Ramsey has said about 100 people have been interviewed in the case. According to the law enforcement source, the vast majority of those questioned had visited Levy's gym -- the Washington Sports Clubs outlet -- April 30, the day she disappeared.

Levy family plea to Condit

Levy's aunt, Linda Zamsky, said Friday her niece had carried on a secret, intimate relationship with Condit, 53, since last fall. She called on Condit to be more forthright in helping find Levy, who is from Modesto, in Condit's congressional district.

Linda Zamsky, Chandra Levy's aunt  

Zamsky said Levy told her the California Democrat gave her gifts, including a gold bracelet, Godiva chocolates and airplane tickets for at least one trip to California. Zamsky also said her niece detailed weekends she spent at Condit's Washington apartment.

Ein defended Condit for refusing to comment publicly on the alleged affair, saying he and his wife, Carolyn, have cooperated with authorities.

"They do not believe that making public statements, or attending media events, will do anything positive or constructive in the effort to locate Chandra," Ein said.

Some have criticized Condit for not being forthcoming publicly, especially because he was sharply critical of President Clinton's efforts to hide his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Party officials told CNN on Friday that Condit, a Democrat, met privately last week with House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri and told him he has no intention of resigning his seat. The officials said Gephardt did not ask Condit to resign. Condit himself has rarely been seen publicly in recent weeks.

-- CNN Correspondent Bob Franken contributed to this report.

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