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California lawmaker rebuffed by parents of missing intern

Susan and Robert Levy appear on CNN on Sunday
Susan and Robert Levy appear on CNN on Sunday  

By From Bob Franken
CNN National Correspondent

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The parents of missing former intern Chandra Levy refused a phone call from Democratic Rep. Gary Condit -- who has repeatedly denied being romantically linked to Levy -- Condit's spokesman said on Monday.

Condit was trying to reach the Levys, who made television appeals last week for the California congressman to "speak out in the case."

Spokesman Randy Groves told CNN that Robert and Susan Levy refused to speak with Condit -- who has denied the accusations through his staff and attorney -- instead telling him to speak with their attorney.

Robert Levy said on CNN over the weekend that the family had hired an attorney in Washington, but would not name the attorney. Groves said the Levys would not identify the attorney for Condit as well.

Bob Franken: Missing intern's parents search for answers  
CNN Bob Franken speaks with Levy's parents. Condit's office still denies the congressman had a romantic relationship with Levy (June 14)

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Chandra Levy, 24, was last seen April 30 at a Washington gym. She had just completed an internship at the Federal Bureau of Prisons and was preparing to return to the family home in Modesto, California, for her college graduation.

Speaking to CNN from Modesto, Levy said his daughter's phone records indicated that she had phoned Condit's pager number "several times." He and his wife called the number last month, he said.

Condit, Levy said, called back and they had "a brief conversation." A spokesman for Condit confirmed that the conversation had occurred.

Chandra Levy frequently visited Condit's office -- he is her hometown congressman -- where one of her friends, Jennifer Baker, was an intern. Baker has told CNN that Levy told her she was dating someone in the FBI but did not identify him.

Missing person group wary of Levy case

Groves decried the Levys' appearances on television and their insistence that Condit speak out.

"We are not going to participate in the media frenzy," he said.

Last week, Condit attorney Joseph Cotchett decried the "media circus" and "tabloid frenzy" surrounding the 53-year-old married father of two, and said the focus on "this so-called relationship is nonsense." He described Chandra as a "good friend" and "constituent" of Condit's.

A source with the Sund Carrington Foundation -- an organization devoted to helping families of missing persons use publicity to find their loved ones -- said its members have grown increasingly irritated that the Levys are encouraging speculation about a romantic relationship between their daughter and Condit.

"This has gone too far. This is not what we're about," an official of the group, which has been involved in the Levy case, told CNN.

The organization has its headquarters in Modesto. CNN was told by that same source that a representative of the foundation discussed the group's concerns with Levy's parents before they met with reporters in their home on Thursday.

Levy's mother and father repeatedly stressed that the comments they made that day -- that a relative told them Chandra had said she was having a romantic relationship with Condit -- were not connected with the Sund Carrington efforts.

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